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Begin the journey of self-discovery, integration, and profound healing that begins with a single, courageous step into the depths of one's consciousness


Just as headwaters mark the beginning of a river's journey, psychedelic therapy begins with a profound introspective experience into the self. It is here that individuals explore their deepest emotions, traumas, and subconscious patterns—the headwaters of the healing process. I am honored to facilitate your experience from your inner source of knowledge. 

I believe all people want relief from suffering but don't always know the path to get there. Our work is a partnership, and my role is to provide safety and support thru facilitation. I tend to have a direct style that often uses humor and realness to normalize the pain of being human.
I have been an Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator since 2023 to encourage insight, look at traumas, and find a route towards healing. I am a graduate of the Integrative Psychiatry Institute in Boulder, CO but my work in the field of growth started 25 years ago. My background began with coaching (rowing, skiing, swimming) and as an experiential educator with Outward Bound.  After a Master's degree from Oregon State University in Counseling I began a love affair with therapy. While psilocybin facilitation is not therapy, and the services I provide as a facilitator are not connected to my work as a therapist, my experiences provide a strong foundation and an ability to recognize how our development into adults can be impacted.

Joanne - Bend, OR

My journeys with Melinda were some of the most powerful healing work I’ve done in my life.
Melinda, with a gentle and insightful way, helped me to integrate the experiences that have reshaped my life.

AW - North Carolina

My experience with Melinda was something I’ll never forget and something that I would absolutely do again with her.
From the beginning of information emails to our first couple of Zoom sessions to our in person session to the actual experience, Melinda was personable, attentive, curious, patient, inquisitive and just an overall authentic and comfortable person to be around. She patiently answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease.
She takes her job seriously and I could tell she wanted what was best for me, but she didn’t take herself too seriously. She was very relatable and I felt very safe with her.

I highly recommend.

LYNNE - Bend, OR

I've done 2 psilocybin journeys supported by Melinda and know that her presence and support allowed me to feel safe to enter an altered state, all of the emotion that it brought up, and receive all of the benefits of the medicine.
 I have complete trust in Melinda....she's clear, direct, boundaries, and I can't imagine entering an experience like this without this amount of trust in the space she holds as well as her ability to be with it all.
The training and experience that Melinda brings to her work were invaluable to me.

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